this and that

it's been a while since i've given you a little this and that.  it has become apparent to me that i have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to saving things from the internet that inspire me.  you might not be remotely interested, but i needed to clean out my google reader desperately, so here are my goodies.  hope you likey.
this is what you say.  but (this is what you really mean).  aren't these prints genius?  check out all of justin barber's posters here.

you have got to watch this video of an artist recreating the famous girl with a pearl earring.  his talent makes me jealous, jealous, jealous.

if i had a reason for these in my life, i would snatch them up.  discovered here.

blck and white christmas goodness.  found here.

chris' proposal was for sure my favorite (duh.), but isn't this one awesome?  my friend jessica was proposed to in a photo booth.  jess, post pictures, pretty please???  photo found here.

this frame is genius.  who wants to go to italy???  found here.

whew.  that felt good.  might have a part II in the near future.  happy weekend, friends.

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  1. Love that Pisa frame...we were just there a few weeks ago! Where can I buy it?