christmas fun facts

i learned a few things this christmas that i would like to share with you here.

#1: christmas jammie/wrestling/snuggle fests get christmas eve off on the right foot.
#2: your toddler can turn into a little boy right before your very eyes, making your heart feel like it's going to burst and leaving you to wonder where in the world all the time has gone.
#3: christmas eve feels cozier when you stay in your pajamas until well past nap-time.
#4: food tastes better when you are eating it around a table with your favorite people in the world.
#5: glitter shoes and sparkling princess crowns are sometimes a nice change of pace from dinosaurs and pirate ships.  (p.s. i am going to be an aunt!  to a niece!)
#6: santa's elves often disguise themselves as pink panda bears.
#7: christmas morning isn't complete without a chubby little baby lion.
#8: you don't need coffee when you have a pint-sized singer/songwriter instead.  it'll wake you right up.
#9: sometimes the wrapping is better than the gift itself.
#10: pirates celebrate christmas, too.
#11: gorillas play the keyboard with their feet.
#12: a christmas dinner of tamales and beans beat the hell out of slaving in the kitchen all day.
#13: when cousins gather together, they develop magic powers.
#14: cousin pictures that don't turn out how you had hoped are often the best ones.
#15: nature walks with nana are much better than nature walks without her. 
#16: when papa is in town, i get a glimpse into my future.
#17: texas barbeque tastes better when shared with non-texans.
#18: i would rather walk around without a coat and eat ice cream in december, than have a white christmas any day.
 i hope your holiday was merry and bright.  ours was loud, busy, joyous, indulgent and down-right close to perfect.  much love to you and yours!

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