my mom is a genius

since i was a little girl, a little girlie-girl mind you, my mom has always predicted that i would only have sons.  long before chris and i were even dating, she predicted we would get married.  she always said i would be a teacher.  check.  and that i would marry a coach.  check; when we were married, chris was a coach. she is a smart one, my momma.

and since my tomboy sister was a little girl (who never wanted to come inside, take baths, brush her hair or play with dolls), my mom always teased her that she would have daughters like me.

well, guess what?
my sister is pregs.
with a baby girl named addy.
and to say we are all excited is the understatement of the century.

so when my boys want private soccer lessons, i'll drop them off at aunt choo's house and head to the mall to buy things like these for my angel niece.

fingers crossed that addy will like glitter nail polish and let me braid her hair.

i'm psyched.


  1. i can not wait to spoil that little princess.

  2. Can you please get your mother to predict something for me? Thanks!
    And yay to being aunties to little girls!!!

  3. congratulations cortney, to you and your sister. you are gonna be a great aunt. if i was your sister's daughter brewing in her belly, and knew i had someone like you to come out to, i'd be pretty stoked. if she doesn't like nail polish, you can always paint mine, ppft. merry xmas and happy new year.

  4. Congrats auntie Cort! That little girl is gonna be the most stylin' baby in dallas with you as her aunt!
    Your sis looks adorable. xoxo

  5. She is so lucky to have an aunt like you!!!

  6. Yay, congrats to Auntie Cort and Momma Chelsea! Although I've only had a little girl for a week and a day, I can tell you - it.is.fabulous. - once you see her, your heart couldn't possibly get any bigger! Enjoy every minute waiting to meet that little lady!