ben lately

ben is three and a half and does not stop talking from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until the moment he falls asleep at night.  and if you don't respond immediately, he repeats himself until you do.   sometimes, i think my ears can't listen any more.  but his vocabulary is huge and he comes up with some of the funniest things to say, unintentionally of course.  here is a taste of ben lately.
B: i have to go potty!
(once on potty) whew!  that's better.
B: (in the bathroom at a restaurant) i don't like the girls restroom.
i'm a MAN.
ben and his daddy went to run errands and came home with a dozen roses for me.  ben , on bended knee, handed them to me and said, "these are for you, princess gorilla."
ben is obsessed with marriage lately.  he is always asking me to marry him, and i have to explain every time that i am already taken.  just the other day he told me he can't wait to get married and have a beard.
 and for those of you on facebook, you may have already seen this goodie:
B: momma, i wish you could be a mermaid. all you are missing is water, a tail, and those boobie things.
he is a complete nut and truly the funniest kid i know.


  1. i can't wait for those kinds of things, adan is close, but not as clever as benny there. u r a very lucky momma. and should b very proud of him. i know u r, but please take note, that others see the tiny love behind those eyes of his, and the sweet gestures he can already give behind his big 'ol heart.

  2. benny!!!! what a wonderful mess he is!!!