greatest hits

i made the mistake of working out tonight on an empty stomach.  i am bone tired.  like, don't-have-the-energy-to-type tired.  but today is thursday.  and thursday is greatest hits day.  i aim to please, people.  just excuse the typos.

1) a sunday funday date that involved bloody marys, patios and a pitcher of beer.  we felt 25 again.  except for the hangovers we had the next day despite the full night's sleep we enjoyed.  
then we felt 32 again.
 2) my helper.  all ben wants to do lately is help me feed his brother (btw look at the size of that baby).
 3) a little art therapy.
 4) i bought a pouf!  the name makes me laugh. 
 5) this weather.  unreal.

 (this is his i'm-afraid-of-heights face.  instead of helping him down, i snapped a picture.  shame on me.)

(remember when i blogged about my friend's two-year-old that ate soup.  with a spoon????  well, she also rides a bike.  my kid cannot steer and pedal at the same time to. save. his. life.  is this normal?  if not, at least he's enjoying himself.)

looking forward to new running shoes and stepping waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until then,


  1. What workout are you doing? I MaY try to do this insanity workout after another month of recovery. But that may be too insane for me, haha!

    1. i joined a running club. which makes me incredibly anxious because I DO NOT RUN. i have no idea what i was thinking :)