8 months old

with my first baby, i was impatient.  i was ready for the next milestone.  i couldn't wait for him to sit up, talk, crawl, walk.  i was so anxious to find out his little personality.

with crosby, i pray for it to slow down.  i don't want him to get big and push my kisses away.  he could stay like this forever and i would be one perfectly happy momma.
 he smiles from the moment he wakes up to the second he goes to bed.  the only time he cries is during the thirty seconds between his baby food and his bottle.  he seems to think we are starving him to death.  as you can tell by the size of his cheeks, we clearly are not.
 he has two teeth with another well on it's way.  he pulls up to his knees and is damn proud of himself when he does.  he is almost crawling.  we are just waiting for that right leg to get with the program.
 he hasn't met a food he doesn't like.  the tongue is always going.  he drools constantly.  he says two words.  both first spoken on the same day: ma-ma-ma-ma-ma (me), and bub-bub-bub (ben).  chris is only a smidge jealous.
i am not bragging or sugar-coating.  this momma is just speaking the truth.  he is perfection.

p.s. i just realized that i already posted the last two pictures on a previous post....he's just so dang cute.


  1. Aww, good reminder to cherish every moment as they happen. Love you Cort, Chris, Ben, and Crosby in his gorilla cage :)

  2. you definitely are not lying. he IS perfection!!! you sure do make cute little boys!! i don't want them to grow up either. love yall!

  3. this one looks like your husband. either way, can't loose with lookers like ya'll for parents. have i mentioned how yummy ur man is...jk. no but seriously, he is. i want to kiss those cheeks, ur sons...just wanted to make it clear. it's 0014, i better get to bed before i type something inappropriate. oh crap, i'm at work. i guess i better go give meds or something :-/

  4. What an angel! He has changed so much since just a couple of months ago when I saw him! Cute pictures, thanks for sharing!