greatest hits

we are back to normal, folks.  out-of-town guests have returned back home, school started back up, my work schedule is back on.  while the holidays were fantastic, i am a sucker for a schedule and a routine.
therefore, momma is a happy girl.
here are a few things that made our week memorable:

1)  parenthood is back (thank the lord because i am all footballed out).  last night's episode made me cry (per usual), miss my grandparents, want to go on a roadtrip, and immediately look up songs on the internet.  this song was my favorite from last night's episode.  have i mentioned that i love this show?  o.k., i'll shut up now.

2) nana and papa's visit.  we ate (a lot), drank (a lot), went to the zoo, took nature walks, and played our hearts out.  here are nana and papa standing on a tree stump with ben.  yep, i don't know why either.
3) our annual new year's eve eve tradition of going to ft. worth to see our beloved robert earl keen perform at the beautiful bass hall.  this year was extra special because we were joined by some of our best friends.  we had a good dinner, listened to a fantastic show, caught up over beers with an old friend, spent the night in a hotel and ate a big mexican breakfast before coming home to our boys.  can't beat that with a stick.

4) checking out a new neighborhood park.  seriously, this baby is always happy.  he is a joy from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep.  it is too good to be true.  i'm sure he'll make me pay during toddlerhood.  but for now, i am savoring this perfection.
 5) a belated christmas celebration with pa.
 6) new years eve celebration with my boys, a bottle of wine, spaghetti carbonara, and a movie.  we (chris and i) stayed up to kiss at midnight, then off to bed we went.
 7) veggie pizza from il cane rosso.  they park their mobile wood-fired pizza oven down the street from us every monday night.  so it was pizza for dinner.  delish.

8) eating black-eyed peas with my parents on new years day.

p.s. my friend chance welcomed her little girl right after christmas (8 weeks before her due date).  baby lenox is a tiny angel and has a lot of work ahead fattening up in the nicu.  check them out here and feel free to send them a happy thought or two.  thanks!

looking forward to see kathy griffin and marcy's birthday brunch.  how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Oh man, Parenthood made me cry too... Every time!! Happy new year!

  2. Aww, cute cowboy boots cort! Yall are always doing such fun stuff - love it! New parents need to see momma and daddys out having fun together and also with their kids, so thanks for that!

    Lenox is up to 3 lbs 5 oz from 2 lbs 12 oz, yay! We still have a ways to go, but headed in the right direction!

    Love you and thank you for all of your support, Auntie Cort! :). Lenox can't wait to meet you!