mood changer

my friend jessica blogged earlier today about waking up in a bad mood that she was determined to stay in.  that is until she heard a couple of songs that turned her bad mood right around.

i hate it when a good song ruins my bad mood :)

it got me thinking, what songs are your mood changers?

i love this one.  it's not particularly upbeat, but it will put a smile on my face even on my grumpiest of days.  this one's for you, jessica.


  1. Awe, thanks Cort! That's real sweet. Yeah, this dumb mood is gonna go back and forth all day, i can feel it. Bad mood.. till good song comes on.. then GOOD MOOD! till next song.. haha. love your guts!

  2. So...here ya go, my newest happy song because you just can't help but smile and sing along (gotta love the songs you can sing along with by the second verse the very first time you ever hear it!).

    Don't be mad if you can't get it out of your head for a week though ;)