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hello friends!  last weekend marked the third anniversary of marcy's thirtieth birthday.  and considering she loves her birthday more than any kid i know, we celebrated all weekend.  we have had a sleepy week around here recovering from all the fun.  here are some highlights:

 1) friday night marcy and i had plans to grab dinner and go see the comedian kathy griffin live.  little did marcy know (or did she?), i planned for us to be joined by robin, leigh, kelly and her sister anna (in town from okc).
 we spent the entire night laughing.  first, at kathy griffin.  and then at these two clowns laughing at themselves.  good times.
2) chris took ben to home depot for their monthly saturday morning FREE kids workshop.  if you haven't taken your kids before, i highly recommend it.  this month they made a piggy bank shaped like a house and last month they made a snowman napkin holder (which will grace my christmas table for years to come).  he got his face painted like a gorilla on saturday.  fierce.
 3) lunch with anna and marcy at the always delicious pecan lodge located in shed 2 of the dallas farmers market.  i switched my order up this time by ordering the "hot mess", which consists of a baked sweet potato, cheese, barbacoa, bacon, and creamy goodness.  i could only eat half of it, but man was that half delicious.
 this gorilla patiently awaits his order.

 the hot mess
 crosby thinks long and hard about ice cream.
 my pretty city.

4) a birthday brunch at a new-to-us restaurant in the charming bishop arts district, oddfellows.  i had a bloody mary and a smoked salmon goat cheese scramble.  enough said.

 5) did you know that a double bath-time is double the fun?  that's the word on the street.
 6) lazy mornings with the boys on my days off.  this particular morning, ben "fell" into crosby's crib while trying to kiss him good morning.  the crib is now referred to as the gorilla trap.  can you guess who named it that?

 7) dinner at stackhouse, another new-to-us burger joint on the cusp of deep ellum.  pretty tasty indeed. 

other things that made my week: a letter from my nieces and nephew, a family dinner at nan's, and a baby shower date confirmed and on the calendar.

looking forward to a sunday funday date with my handsome husband.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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