greatest hits

it is 2:09 p.m. and i am still in my pajamas.  ben has been feverish, so we haven't left the house.  the fact that i haven't changed/bathed/left the house today in part makes me feel like a bum, but mostly makes me feel pretty awesome.  sometimes lazy days are just what the doctor ordered.  i hope you are as comfortable as i am right now :)

so to celebrate my laziness, i present to you this week's greatest hits.

1) we went to see some of my former students perform in their choir at a local mall.  i miss these goofballs.

 2) winter fashion = ugg boots without pants.
 3) a crazy, loud, rambunctious dinner at the lovely eno's in the bishop arts district.

 4) this baby, whose tongue is always out of his mouth when he is not busy smiling all the time.
 5) ben's "worker" boots.
 6) rocking around the christmas tree.

 7) this sweet baby again.  he melts me.
 8) the trains at northpark.  ben was a blur the entire time, that is until he accidentally DERAILED A TRAIN.  mortified.  so we did what any respectable citizens would do after that happened, we got the hell out of there.  sorry nice train employees.

 9) sick day christmas crafts delivered with a wink.

looking forward to christmas shopping with my dad and sister, and our annual family christmas brunch a neiman's on saturday.  woot!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. i am looking forward to seeing these little dudes (and you too :))on sunday and hanging with them on tuesday!

  2. crosby is really looking like chris these days, love is big blue eyes!! we need to get these babies together someday and let them coo at each other!