greatest hits

we seem to be on a christmas party high.  we have been at one non-stop christmas party for the past two weeks.  like a squirrel, i have sufficiently put on my winter weight from all of the eating.  and drinking.  and eating, eating, more eating.  we are on the home stretch, ready for the arrival of santa and nana & papa.  here is a peek into our week:

1) lazy afternoons with my guys at the "zoo".

 2) a baby shower to celebrate my friend chance and the sweet baby girl in her belly.
 3) girls christmas party.  we raised almost $250 for girls, inc., drank lots o' wine, exchanged white elephant gifts, and enjoyed a night on the town.

 4) crosby now smiles every time i hold the camera to my face.  successful parenting.
 5) our pretty tree after everyone goes to bed.
 6)  a pajama party at robin's to celebrate her new dining room table (and sarah's arrival back to her great home state).  in typical sarah fashion, she stole my camera and took pictures of herself.  we ate mexican food and danced our asses of on the kinnect.  so fun.

 7) crosby's first christmas present!
 (thanks, marcy!)
 8) the company christmas party.

looking forward to date night, christmas eve, and the bonners coming to town!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

i am sending you one huge hug.  enjoy your christmas weekend!  
until next time,

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