christmas fun facts

i learned a few things this christmas that i would like to share with you here.

#1: christmas jammie/wrestling/snuggle fests get christmas eve off on the right foot.
#2: your toddler can turn into a little boy right before your very eyes, making your heart feel like it's going to burst and leaving you to wonder where in the world all the time has gone.
#3: christmas eve feels cozier when you stay in your pajamas until well past nap-time.
#4: food tastes better when you are eating it around a table with your favorite people in the world.
#5: glitter shoes and sparkling princess crowns are sometimes a nice change of pace from dinosaurs and pirate ships.  (p.s. i am going to be an aunt!  to a niece!)
#6: santa's elves often disguise themselves as pink panda bears.
#7: christmas morning isn't complete without a chubby little baby lion.
#8: you don't need coffee when you have a pint-sized singer/songwriter instead.  it'll wake you right up.
#9: sometimes the wrapping is better than the gift itself.
#10: pirates celebrate christmas, too.
#11: gorillas play the keyboard with their feet.
#12: a christmas dinner of tamales and beans beat the hell out of slaving in the kitchen all day.
#13: when cousins gather together, they develop magic powers.
#14: cousin pictures that don't turn out how you had hoped are often the best ones.
#15: nature walks with nana are much better than nature walks without her. 
#16: when papa is in town, i get a glimpse into my future.
#17: texas barbeque tastes better when shared with non-texans.
#18: i would rather walk around without a coat and eat ice cream in december, than have a white christmas any day.
 i hope your holiday was merry and bright.  ours was loud, busy, joyous, indulgent and down-right close to perfect.  much love to you and yours!


greatest hits

we seem to be on a christmas party high.  we have been at one non-stop christmas party for the past two weeks.  like a squirrel, i have sufficiently put on my winter weight from all of the eating.  and drinking.  and eating, eating, more eating.  we are on the home stretch, ready for the arrival of santa and nana & papa.  here is a peek into our week:

1) lazy afternoons with my guys at the "zoo".

 2) a baby shower to celebrate my friend chance and the sweet baby girl in her belly.
 3) girls christmas party.  we raised almost $250 for girls, inc., drank lots o' wine, exchanged white elephant gifts, and enjoyed a night on the town.

 4) crosby now smiles every time i hold the camera to my face.  successful parenting.
 5) our pretty tree after everyone goes to bed.
 6)  a pajama party at robin's to celebrate her new dining room table (and sarah's arrival back to her great home state).  in typical sarah fashion, she stole my camera and took pictures of herself.  we ate mexican food and danced our asses of on the kinnect.  so fun.

 7) crosby's first christmas present!
 (thanks, marcy!)
 8) the company christmas party.

looking forward to date night, christmas eve, and the bonners coming to town!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

i am sending you one huge hug.  enjoy your christmas weekend!  
until next time,


the power of positive thinking

in order to turn around this bah-humbug mood i am in, i have decided to peruse pinterest to gaze at some of my favorite images and quotes.   maybe if i share them with you, that will do the trick.  'tis the season of giving, no?
Source: piccsy.com via Cortney on Pinterest

Source: blujay.com via Cortney on Pinterest

i think it might've worked.  onward and upward, my friends.


the best santa in dallas

do you ever have one of those days where everything goes off without a hitch?  they are rare, but today was one of them for our little family.  i am always afraid days like this tempt fate a little...but i am choosing to savor every minute of this fine day.  visiting santa was just one of the reasons it was awesome. here's why.

top five reasons to go visit santa at neiman-marcus in downtown dallas:

1) he is so very nice.
2) there was no line!  say what????  in the past chris and i take ben on a weekday during his lunch break.  usually we are the third or fourth family in line.  our friends went last saturday and only waited 30 minutes.  we went today after lunch and walked directly to his lap.  for those that have ever taken children to visit santa know that this is a very. huge. deal.
 3) neimans has fancy window displays like they are in the middle of manhattan or something.  apparently, they haven't gotten the memo that they, well, aren't.  the displays are always beautiful and you don't have to crane your neck over a bajillion people to enjoy them.
 4) there is an interactive tunnel-thingy that the kids can climb through (for free, mind you).  it winds above and through the windows, so your child ends up becoming part of the display itself.  clever.

  5) it's downtown, which brings with it a certain type of energy.  lights are strung from building to building, and this year giant ornaments hang from the strands.  it's beautiful.
 i know it's a little late in the season for this post, as most of you have already toted your children to northpark or bass pro to see santa.  but next year, give this a try.  i promise you will enjoy it just as much as your kids.