the beach

next week we are loading the car and heading to the beach with the kids. we are staying in texas and only going for a long weekend, but it is a get-away we have all been looking forward to for a while now. however, the last time i traveled with kids to the beach, my first child was four months old and we drove with another family and their four month old to a beach in north carolina, in the same car, mind you. (we had obviously lost our damn minds). so, i need you, dear readers. anyone have any advice? road trip advice? beach advice? if you have ever been to port aransas (we haven't), do you have any recs? i think i have things planned for our trip, but this is coming from a lady whose whole life is currently packed away in boxes. thanks for your help, loves.

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  1. Aww, love all the pics! I have no real-life knowledge to help, BUT check my ointerest "kids" board because I just repinned a "things to keep a toddler busy on a roadtrip" thingy. Come to think of it, I may have repinned it from you... Hehe, nevertheless, it is there if you need it! Love you and it will be fabulous!
    Oh, and Gloriana swears by the headrest tvs for their 6 hour each way roadtrips to the valley. I think you can now buy a case for an iPad that fits around a headrest to fake a headrest tv if that helps!