independence day

preface: i love my children.

last night as we were moving our children's beds into their own rooms, i told chris that this was our independence day.  he later cursed me for planting martina mcbride's anthem in his head.  ooops.  i also apologize for just planting it in yours.

you see, since we moved, we have all been sleeping in the same room.  for a month, y'all.  we are not the family-bed-co-sleeping type of parents either (if you are, more power to ya!)  as soon as we moved in (back in june, mind you), we ripped up the butt-ugly floors in every room of the house (minus a few).  this has prevented us from unpacking and placing the furniture in it's proper place, therefore preventing us from cooking an actual meal and sleeping uninterrupted.

upon our return from vacation, we were able to finally move their beds onto the newly finished floors in their rooms.  instead of staggering their bedtimes per the 'new' usual, we fed them and sent them on to bed.  in their rooms.

 and as we closed the doors, a choir of angels sang, 
"haaaaallelujah! haaaaaallelujah!"

chris and i celebrated in the privacy of our own room by making out jumping on the bed passing out the minute our heads hit the pillow.

before: camp bonner
after:  their own rooms.  complete with bunk beds.  boom.

free at last, free at last, thank god all mighty....

o.k. i'll stop.

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  1. lol I would love to have new floors in our house but man I don't think I could handle having my 3 kiddos in our room for a month! more power to ya lady!!