greatest hits: port aransas

best ben quote of the trip:  "daddy, i thought the ocean was blue, but i guess it's just gray".

that's what we get for not driving to florida.  but to us, a beach = vacation, whether the sand is white or muddy brown.  the kids fell in love with the gray ocean and their daddy and i even managed to relax a little.

i cooked (we had a working kitchen!), we did laundry (we had a washer and dryer actually hooked up!), we played, we walked to the beach, we swam, we slept in a seperate room from our children (say what?) and chris and i sat up every night after the kids went to bed and talked.  simple as that.  you don't need turquoise water for that kind of goodness.

here is my photo dump.

 almost there.
 first time.

 his shark tooth necklace is cooler than yours, obv.

 candy shoppe.

 a home cooked meal.

 forest gump.
 a stroller/beach mishap.
 kissy the fishy.
 headed home.
bbq pitsop.

looking forward to a 24-hour trip to the hill country to celebrate suzy.  
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. sounds like a wonderful vacay! cute photo of the thumbs up for the candy shop & the beach/stroller mishap... :)