this and that

here's a little art for ya.

*these gorgeous waves are not black and white photographs.  they are charcoal drawings, people.  amazing.  by artist robert longo.

* here are some iconic rock and roll photos for your viewing pleasure.
run dmc
and my new orleans-loving soulmate, michael stipe with r.e.m.

*street art and sarcasm.  two of my favorites.
artist: mobstr

* artist myoung ho lee places white canvases behind trees and snaps stunning photographs.  see?

* in chicago i fell in love with the bean.  these reflective outdoor sculptures make my heart go pitter-patter.

*i will leave you with some super-nerdy art humor.

drawings by grant snider.

greatest hits coming soon!

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  1. I LOVE Michael Stipe. Can we share soulmates?