greatest hits

i know, i know, i didn't forget, i promise.  i was afraid that my computer quit on me, so i was unable to upload my photos in a timely fashion (last minute).  well, it turns out that my computer has to be plugged-in in order for it to work.  crazy.
look, i never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

here is a peek at my week.

1) since my mom's surgery, i am able to spend loads of quality snuggle time with my neice.
and the cousins get to spend loads of quality time poking each other's eyeballs.
busted, baby boy.
2) i have mentioned before that i am always a tad late on trends.  i finally bought a pair of red/orange jeans and hopped full-force onto the colored-jeans bandwagon.
but if my memory serves me correctly, i wore a pair of red jeans my first day of high school, which my friends (ahem...sarah and kelly) teased me about for years (because they are mean, not because my red jeans were tapered and buttoned well above my navel).  so it looks as though i am actually 20ish years ahead of the trend.  so there.  take that, mean girls.
3) we (marcy, kelly and i) took a 24 hour jaunt to the hill country to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my darling suzy's 30th birthday.  on the way down i had the honor of meeting beautiful baby lenox for the first time.  she's my new best friend.  obv.
 and though i did not take a single picture of the birthday girl, i did manage to snap a picture of our snazzy ride from the hotel to the concert.  we stayed at a charming (haunted) hotel in new braunfels and went to see the avett brothers play here.
it was a sweaty-dancy-best-friendy good time.
happy birthday, suzanne.
4) and in other news, my baby wants to be a painter.  good thing he was born into this family.  try not to be jealous of my moldy green laminate countertops from the seventies because it's gone, baby, gone!
stay tuned.
5) this family picture makes me happy because they are few and far between.
looking forward to: cooking in my kitchen and cooking in my kitchen.
how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Yayyyy, a new kitchen! What colors are you doing for.cabinets/counters? Can't wait to.see how your new lovenest turns out!!!! Lenox sends some sloppy hugs and kisses xoxo!

    1. thanks, lenox (and chance!) white cabinets and a white/gray granite. so stoked!