greatest hits

sorry, y'all.  i switched days with my sister so i worked today instead of blogged.  and i'll keep this short but sweet since blogging is impeding upon my lay-down-and-veg time.  oh, but i still love you to pieces and i am still trying to figure out my new blog situation (thanks for the input).  i'll keep you posted.  pinky-swear.

here's a sneak peek at our week:
1) i got flowers for finally getting to cook in my kitchen.  first meal back: eggs, bacon, pancakes and grits.
 2) my wack-a-doo littlest boy will not stay out of anything.

 3) the chalkboard hallway got initiated.
 4) the boys love lmfao.  party rock was in our house that night.  everybody just had a good time (not really).  ugh.
 5) two major scores were hung.  my 75% off west elm light fixture from the pottery barn outlet AND my super-on-sale anthropologie curtains.
 6) we did this again.

 {this was the only time he was still the entire day.  it lasted .2 seconds}

 {i am trying, georgia.  i am trying.}

looking forward to: starting back with my running group (am i???) and seeing my sweet sarah and her big ol' preggo belly.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. Love love looooove! What's the paint color in your foyer? Love the crosby round the house pics, haha! And chalkboard wall? Love it! I'm planning on painting some new-to-me furniture pieces chalkboard for lenox's future artistry ;)