what's cooking, good looking?

i am taking a break from (the endless) packing to blog about something other than my greatest hits.  oh and to eat some oreos dipped in milk (which is really hard to do whilst typing).

i have some exciting news to share.

i found my cookbooks.

not what you thought?

my kitchen has been in working order for almost two weeks and i have not had any guidance other than pinterest.  seriously, what would we do without pinterest?  cook scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches until you find the unlabeled cookbook box in the garage, that's what.

here's whats been cookin'.

1) everything pasta (these are not official names, mind you).
delicious.  i like it because you can add any veggie you want.  i couldn't find whole heads of cabbage so i tossed in a slaw mix instead.  next time i might not omit the jalepeno and might toss in some peanuts or sesame seeds.
grade: A

2) melon-mint sangria.  the only problem with this recipe is that i didn't make enough.  so tasty.  thanks, martha stewart.  lady knows her sangria.
grade: A

3) buffalo chicken meatballs.  i used turkey instead of chicken because it's what i had.  they tasted great but the meatball was a hot flimsy mess.
grade: B-

4) mexican crockpot chicken.  so simple and so cheesy.  it was a hit all wrapped up in a tortilla.
grade: B+

5) chicken broccoli casserole.  i love a good casserole.  and this one pleased every member of the family.  will be making this again.
grade: A

6) cheeseburger wraps.  i used turkey instead of beef because that's how i roll.  i omitted the tomato and added pickle.  i ate too much.  big surprise.
grade: A

7) baked bean dip.  slap-your-momma good.  i may still have a stomach ache.

there you have it.  my credit links got all screwy, so if you want the recipes, check out my pinterest food board or message me.

off to drink my oreo milk.




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  1. We've made the baked bean dip too and omg it is so good!! Ate on it for several days. I may need to make it for the kids sometime lol