greatest hits

i am nesting, y'all.  and no, i am not pregnant.  thank goodness, because i am so stinking tired from watching three children today, two of which are mine.  for those of you that have more than two small children, i want to hug you, bless your heart, and then buy you a margarita. or three.

i am nesting because we are putting the finishing touches on our house (the fun part i have been looking forward to before we bought this formerly ugly mess of a house).

here's a peek at my week:

1) my oldest and dearest, sarah, came in from portland so that we could buy her things and rub her belly (of which contains a sexless, nameless baby.  hmph.)  robin hosted this small get-together in her beautiful home.  seriously, straight out of a magazine, y'all.  can you tell she plans events for a living?

 {the favors were bags of cookies made from sarah's grandma's recipe, with the recipe printed on the label.  adorable.}
 {and since sarah is a proper southern lady unable to get blue bell ice cream in her new home state, robin fashioned a blue bell ice cream bar in her honor.}
 2) we celebrated the second anniversary of my uncle's 39th birthday at our beloved matt's (in garland.  womp. womp.  it'll be back in east dallas soon.  fingers crossed).
 3) i hosted a girls only swim party at my house but i have no pictures because i am lame.  and because i was floating in a pool drinking cold beers.

4) remember when i told you my baby was into everything?  that includes his nose.  at the dinner table.
5) i unpacked my books and color-coded them.  oh-yes-i-did.
 we hung my beautiful mirror.  and by we, i mean chris.
 we finished details in crosby's room.

 and in ben's.

 6) miraculously, the two babies napped simultaneously this afternoon.  therefore ben and i crafted.  we may not have left the house all day but we crafted, damnit.
 7) our painting arrived in the mail.  omg, omg, omg.  more on this painting in a post to come.  stay tuned.
looking forward to: running three miles in the morning getting stuff done this weekend.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Hahaha!
    1) Relevant random encounter: SO the other day, baby and I were at the grocery store and a slightly harried looking mom passing us with her kid in cart turns and sees the baby - her eyes light up and she gives her a sweet smile as she says "STAY LITTLE, little one! STAY LITTLE!". The woman laughs then turns to me with a smile after eying her toddler screaming a laugh at the top of his lungs sitting in her cart and says "I'm on #3 - keep her little, they're so much easier then!"

    2) I LOVE your house! You have such a way with the finishing touches (and MAN, those picture walls - you are GOOD)! I want to come seeeeeee and to be the weird auntie that shows up and smothers your babies in hugs and kisses out of nowhere! I can not believe I still haven't met Crosby, makes my heart hurt!

    love you, bonneroos!

  2. SO PRE-TAY...

    Yay for ur house Cort!!