greatest hits and a request

well, i didn't cook in my kitchen.  things happened.  still waiting.  i hear that tomorrow is the day.

guess what else i didn't do?  take any pictures.  until this morning, that is.  so get ready for pictures of my kids in their pajamas.

i didn't go to spin class either.  or run.  or unpack.

but i did go to work, love on my kids and hang out with my family and friends.  all of which i have no pictures of.

ready for the excitement of your life?  here you go.  
my kids in their pajamas with their cousin.

now for my request: 
i need to change the name of my blog. as you know i no longer live on bondstone and life on dentport does not have the same ring to it.  know what i'm saying?
 i dread this and really have no idea where to begin.  i know some of you sweethearts have changed your blog names before and even made the swith from blogspot to something else.  any sage words of wisdom?  and speak slowly because it all gets a little confusing to me!  thanks, y'all.  
promise me you will follow me wherever i go????

looking forward to (let's try this again): cooking in my kitchen!
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. You could name it: BONNER BOYS AND ME! :)

  2. i don't have a blog and don't speak blog/computer either so no help from me...hell, i couldn't even figure out how to post a comment for what seems like a year... HOWEVER,
    i will follow your blog whatever the name and wherever you go!

  3. now you know i'm not going anywhere!! so is Life not on Bondstone an option? :)

  4. Maybe find a line from a quote or lyric from a song- something a little artsy like you :)

    Of course I'll follow you forever. I just made the switch to a .com and use the free Wordpress. It was a little trying at first but overall not too bad. I spent about $100 getting it all set up and now I have control over the design, etc. I would love to walk you through it if you need help!

  5. OK...my thoughts on a new name for your blog:
    * Somewhere in between
    * Where the grass is bluer (get it..pool)
    * Bonner Buckeroos
    * Life on the L Streets
    * Jenny from the Block (oh wait...that is my pho blog's name)
    and last but not least:
    * 7 Miles Away (or whatever the distance is from your Bondstone house)

    You just enjoy this little bit of help...and no offense if this is just a stepping stone to all your fantastic blog names:)

  6. Been thinking and thinking about your blog name, and all that still flows to my little cortney tuned ears is one simple change...on to off.

    Life off bondstone.

    Similar to amber's suggestion ;). Simple genius? Maybe, haha. Love you, hope you have had fun trying to come up with a new blogdentity!