girls trip mix-tape #3

better late than never, huh?

i spend all year jotting down songs that i love from the radio or pandora on little scraps of paper scattered around my desk or in the car.  sometimes i can't wait a whole year to add them to my girls trip playlist.  then about a month before our trip i start obsessing and hunt for the million little scraps of paper.  it's like a game now.  a really silly game that the primary player makes much harder than necessary.


this head i hold- electric guest
{i am fascinated that this voice comes out of a tiny white man}

{so bummed i cannot find this on youtube}

ho hey- the lumineers
{benjamin's favorite}

{found this super pretty acoustic version just now}

helena beat- foster the people
{saw them perform this song at acl.  drum solo was super awesome, min 3:14}

{got to support this local girl}

one red thread- blind pilot

{i have an enormous crush on this song}

danse carribe- andrew bird
{he's an odd bird, no pun intended, but his melody is so lovely.  don't you think?}

giving up the gun- vampire weekend
{jessica!  check out the cameos in this video!}

happy listening, y'all.

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  1. i love cameos! Thanks for your sweet message on my blog. I love you lots. xoxo