an easy recipe

just thought i would share what ended up on our dinner table tonight. the combination of ingredients may sound strange on paper, but i promise you it is delicious. it is one of those "pantry" meals you can always have on hand. double bonus.

introducing a martin-turned-bonner classic family meal: chicken, rice & raisens.

1 box of chicken flavored rice-a-roni
1 can of white meat chicken ( the big can)
1 cup of raisens
1 tsp. yellow curry powder

cook rice according to package. drain chicken, add to rice with raisens and curry. stir. enjoy with a salad. delish.

you can make this the bonner way and double the recipe. we like heaping bowls and enough for leftovers the next day. big surprise :)

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  1. Love it. Will be making this very soon. Love a yummy and EASY meal. Canned chicken? Even better ;)