greatest hits

this week: we packed.  the boys threw up.  i threw up.  the boys ran a fever.  i ran a fever.  we sold our house.  we bought another.  we moved into one bedroom.  we began tearing out floors in order to replace them with new floors soon.  we swam in our new pool.  ben threw up again in the middle of the night, three times, in the room we are all sharing.  we went to the doctor.  the virus is trying to move in, after i clearly tried to leave him on bondstone.

it's been a doozy and i could whine about it for days, but i won't.  because i am happy.  we have a new house.  and once the dust settles, it will be awesome.  forever.
 momma's little helper
 i found him like this
 falling apart
 bye-bye bondstone

 camp bonner
 kitchen/den/office/dining room
 sometimes one does his best work in his underwear

pretty new street

we may not have floors, but we do have beds, cable, internet and a coffee maker.  life is good.   
now step back before one of us throws up on you.

looking forward to the last tball game and a birthday party.  how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


greatest hits

tomorrow i will pack a suitcase. sunday i will unplug the computer. monday we will load the trailer and clean up our mess. tuesday we will move. i am sad and happy, ready and completely unprepared. it's bittersweet y'all. i will be in touch soon. wish us luck!

here is a peek at our week. It involved a stomach bug, a trip to the grocery store, packing and a birthday party. wild and crazy!



Source: goo.gl via Cortney on Pinterest

irony is your children getting the stomach bug the week you are to move out of your house.

irony is your boy throwing up in the middle of the night all over his bed the day after you pack all the spare pillows.

irony is having to miss work during a week i cannot miss work. people need to get paid, y'all.

and even worse, now i have that damn alanis morrisette song in my head.

serenity now.


greatest hits

my computer is acting wiggety-wack (which makes me especially nervous considering most of my life is saved on it's hard-drive), so 'greatest hits' will have an instagram theme this week.

i have been on a girls trip high for days now, therefore my week has seemed especially rosy.  here's a peek:

1) as you know, i spent the majority of my weekend here
and here.  bliss.
2) watching sesame street with littles.
3) a lunch date at in-and-out burger with bigs.
4) back to work only to take a break to snap a picture of my papa during his daily ritual of feeding the pigeons.  they see him coming and start the celebration.  lucky birds.
5) picking up the kids after work at my parents.  my baby walks to me, he goes to mothers day out now, he's practically a damn teenager.  slow down, time, sloooow down.
looking forward to late night at the dallas museum of art and a father's day brunch.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

double take

imagine my surprise this morning as i am perusing through my google reader and happen upon my name (martin is my maiden name) as the subject of my favorite blogger's blog post.  once i quickly realized that it was just a random coincidence, i read the post and felt like she was speaking directly to me, about me.



girls trip 2012

here's the story, of nine lovely ladies
who all take a trip together every year.
each of them have no idea, their destination
but they all have no fear.

sarah flew in all the way from portland,
which was all a part of christy's master plan.
we rode a boat and then went to our cabin,
where we drank and swam.

And then one day we all took a painting lesson
where we laughed and made a pretty piece of art.
every minute with each other was the best one.
these girls are my heart.

they are my heart.
they are my heart.
now for next year's trip, the planning i must start!

p.s. christy, you are the master planner.  thank you for the most relaxing, delicious and unforgettable weekend.
p.s.s. click here to read about girls trip #2.
p.s.s.s.  the annual girls trip playlist is coming soon.  
p.s.s.s.s.  the pictures above are a combo of both mine and marcy's.  thanks, marse!


greatest hits


Source: flickr.com via Cortney on Pinterest

i am off to our mystery girls trip this morning! yippee! greatest hits will have to wait until next week. have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


an attitude of gratitude

i woke up this morning not particularly looking forward to the day ahead of me.

during my morning ritual of coffee/facebook/email/blogs before the kids got up, i read a friend's (cheesy) facebook status which proudly exclaimed that she woke up with an "attitude of gratitude".  while normally this would make me roll my eyes, especially that early in the morning, today i was a bit jealous of her positivity.  so i decided to be grateful.

here's what i came up with:
2) i am grateful for my lunch from maple & motor.
3) i am grateful for the gift card for a mani/pedi that i redeemed today.
4) i am grateful for perhaps the most aggressive massage chair ever.  it hurt so good.
5) i am grateful for the sweet little lady who scrubbed my disgusting pitiful feet.  bless her heart.

and of course i am grateful for the boys.  always and forever.

i am officially ready to tackle tomorrow.  

what are you grateful for?  


all apologies

between the stress of work and packing, i could drop dead of a heart attack any second. ok, so that may be a tad dramatic, but you get the idea. things are nutso right now (but in the best way). and as a result I am feeling at times a bit like a bad blogger, a bad mommy, a bad runner, etc. so bear with me, dear ones. in an effort to have you forgive me for possibly falling off the grid for a smidge, i will leave you a few instagtam pics of late.

ps. the one of marcy holding a watermelon cracks me up. we went out to eat at the lake and she got a free watermelon with the purchase of her meal. I swear, only in the country. doesn't she look like baby in dirty dancing??? ;)


greatest hits

summer is here.  my family spends summer holidays at my parents' lakehouse.  this year we were lucky enough to celebrate memorial day with some friends too (a far cry from the lakehouse trips we all made before kids).  unwinding for a couple of days was this week's greatest hits by far.

looking forward to dinner with friends and celebrating my momma's (belated) birthday.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,