great expectations

have you ever had one of those days you have built up to be so potentially amazing, that in reality just falls flat on it's face?  meet today.

christmas hoopla is all around and i love every second of it.  northpark mall has this train exhibit every holiday season and it's a hot ticket.  on weekends, lines of families loaded down with shopping bags, strollers, and squirmy toddlers wrap around the mall waiting to get in.  i had a free ticket, a day off (on a weekday, mind you), and a train-loving toddler. we were going to see the trains.  today.  and it was going to be awesome.  we ended up having to leave the exhibit early.

the thing about toddlers, my toddler specifically, is that they have multiple personalities (and you never know which one you are going to get at any given time).  the cutie-pie that you want to sprinkle with sugar and eat for dessert OR the 'no'-screaming little monster that makes you want to hide in a closet rather than discipline him in front of the salesclerk.  lucky me, i have had a sampling of both of ben's personalities today.  how does that serenity prayer go again???? i recently heard someone say that there is a reason toddlers are so cute....

although my mommy/son bonding christmas extravaganza day didn't quite turn out as planned, i am choosing to keep calm and carry on.  there were actually some really sweet moments of the day that managed to keep my blood pressure stable, such as:

  • i managed to snap some really good pictures.
  • seeing the texas country reporter filming at the trains exhibit.
  • hearing a children's choir perform (and kill it.  they were awesome.)
  • watching ben imitate the art.
  • watching ben introduce himself to other toddlers and waving forest gump style to anyone who would wave back.
  • getting a chunk of christmas shopping done.
  • eating the best burger i have had all year.  at sonic.  in the food court.  seriously, the best ever.  can you tell i am pregnant?!? {while pregnant with ben, i had a short-lived love affair with a whataburger with cheese, mustard and pickles only.  and now that kid loves mustard and pickles.  humph.  maybe i am having another boy.}
{i love him, i really do.}


  1. this blog reminded me of you and ben.


  2. the pictures are too cute!
    -i especially like benny's choo shirt!