i am a sucker for tradition.   i went to texas a&m, for pete's sake.  i love the holidays for this very reason.  two of my favorite holiday traditions happen to be girls only.

a) annual girls christmas party = great excuse to drink alot of wine:
every year my girls get together during the holidays to do something a little more than just meet for happy hour.  we have a tradition of donating money to some really great charities.  and to celebrate our good deed, we eat pizza, drink too much wine and exchange funny gifts.  it's so much fun (even sober).
 {cute college roomies}
 {kelly's first night out of the house since her big-footed baby was born 2 weeks ago}
 {i am genuinely excited about this gift.  so is my son.}

b) family girls trip to neiman marcus downtown for the holiday buffet.  yum.  we dress up.  we eat too much.  we laugh at each other.  we sniff perfume and make wishlists.  while it's happening, i never want it to end.
 {fighting over a pop-over.  just kidding, they were sharing.}
 {the best part}
 {look!  a picture of mom.  and she's smiling!}
 {so pretty}
{the happiest girl in the world}

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  1. so awesome to have such great women to have traditions with. i am thankful that you are a part of mine.