greatest hits

(click here for november pictures)

1) had we've a cousin-filled couple of weeks.  ava came over to play house, make us laugh, and eat quesadillas.  good times were had by all.  (sorry, this picture was the best that i could do...)
2) makin' memories at a christmas tree farm.  ben was able to run around like mad, ride a "train", sit on plenty of tree-stumps, and help daddy cut down the tree.

3) decorating the tree.  i look forward to this day every year.  i crank up dean martin's christmas album to get in the zone, while chris is cursing the christmas light assembly outside.  this year we replaced our old lights with LED lights, therefore if you look directly at our lights, you just might blind yourself.  be careful, those things don't mess around.  isn't our tree pretty?  tall and skinny, just like us ;)
4) celebratory big breakfast with a really cute little boy and the best bacon-cooker i know (pictured below).

5) the whole crew stretching before chris' workout.
6) our first hot chocolate of the season (at home, that is).  cheers.
7) snuggling and sniffing this sweet baby boy.  i knew he'd be a boy, i just never knew he would be so incredibly perfect.
8) having a day like today really makes up for that crappy northpark mall train experience.  for the third year, we took ben to get his picture taken with santa at nieman marcus downtown.  it is the bees knees.  gorgeous window displays, really short lines, a non-creepy santa that makes a grand entrance.  ben told him he wanted an elephant.   santa laughed and said an elephant might be a little too heavy for the sleigh.  i guess we'll see.

9)  after santa, my unborn child was demanding pancakes for lunch.  and what baby wants, baby gets :)
mmmmmmmmmm, all good cafe.
christmas spirit: officially restored.

until next time,

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  1. can't wait to come see and enjoy your Christmasy house! miss you guys~