i am going to mexico

i love mexico.  i love the people, i love the beaches, i love the food, i love the margaritas, and i love getting a tan there ten times faster than i do here.  but now i love it for this reason, too.  chris read about this underwater installation in some random magazine in the doctor's office.

it's official.  i need to get my scuba certification and go back to mexico, stat.

read more about this project here. (sarah, have you known about this?????)


  1. that is amazing. have never seen this before. girls trip?!?! i think mexico might be in our budget this year seeing that it is overrun by drug lords.

  2. cool project! and congratulations on the new little one on the way :) happy holidays courtney.


  3. NO!! That is really weird!! So, was it placed there to attract tourists, or is it something really old, do you know the story? Looks unreal!

  4. all i know is what i learned from the article (i posted the link). he built it to relieve the coral reefs from damages caused by tourists. he encourages people to dive there instead to see the underwater museum. so cool.