greatest hits-christmas edition

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1) first things first, we met ben's little brother, crosby.  he is completely perfect and was the best christmas present we could've ever asked for.
2) celebrating christmas with marcy.  we bought each other the exact same gift.  and what's even funnier is that we bought the gifts while we were shopping together.  i guess that's what happens when you have been friends for so long.  these elephant masks are courtesy of her.  we were all required to wear them for the entire evening.  i told ben he could sleep with it if he promised not to get out of bed.  success.

 3) oohing and aahing at christmas lights.
4) a playdate with old (and new) friends.  we (i) decorated cookies and we (they) played with every toy in the house.

 5) a pre-festivity christmas eve meltdown.  it had to do with the outfit.  apparently, certain toddlers are very particular about what they wear.  as of thanksgiving, ben refuses to wear: shirts with collars, jackets, and layers.  he prefers jeans and t-shirts only, preferably orange and/or with dinosaurs on them.  sorry, nana and papa.  we tried :(
 6) the mood reversed once we were surrounded by family and presents (notice the t-shirt.  at least it's christmas related).
 7) paintings as gifts.  thanks, dad.  you are incredibly talented.
 8) santa made it!
 9) best santa gift: "pop" the giant stuffed elephant.  if we had known that all it took to keep ben in bed all night was a giant elephant, we would have invested in "pop" a loooong time ago.  who knew???  it's true love.

10) tattoos like daddy's.
 11) watching as my little cousins became teenagers overnight.  icing on the cake: they are as kind and polite as they are cute.
 12) yes, another pancake run.  accompanied by piping hot (decaf) coffee.
 13) this perfect necklace from my sweet husband.  it sums everything up perfectly, i think.
how was your christmas?  i hope it was just as lovely.  xoxoxo.

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  1. I love the picture by your dad....that is amazing...Tell him that he is my new favorite art-t-e-st!