acl awards 2011

for the past two days i have been trying to figure out how to adequately recap my perfect weekend at the austin city limits music festival.  
i decided to spare you a million-word play-by-play (you are welcome), and instead present you with the acl awards 2011:

the award for best husband goes to chris for talking me into buying a ticket months ago while i was still pregnant with crosby.  he told me i would be ready to go by then and that he could handle the boys while i was gone.  and he was right.  he's a genius.  and i love him so.

the award for coolest show goes to: kanye west.  what an artsy weirdo that guy is.
p.s. i love artsy weirdos.
the award for super-trooper of the weekend (it's a tie) goes to emily.  she always manages to have fun amongst a group of college friends (from her rival college, mind you) who tell the same stories over and over, year after year.
super-trooper #2: chance.  she hosted us at her lovely home, drove us drunkies home every night, and stayed up waaay past her bedtime, all while twenty weeks pregnant.
the award for best bar to wait out the rain in before walking from the car to the festival goes to a mean-eyed cat.  a johnny cash themed anything is ok in my book. (jimmy and emily should totally renew their vows there.)
the award for funniest line of the weekend goes to marcy when she mistakenly referred to the band cut copy as cold cut, with much certainty.
the award for the best impromptu sing-along goes to us and gillian welch, singing this song.
the award for my favorite show of the weekend goes to iron & wine.
the award for the best show i would've never seen otherwise goes to the one and only mr. stevie wonder.  
the award for best decision of the weekend goes to me and marcy for sneaking off from stevie to catch the last thirty minutes of my morning jacket.  they never disappoint.  and they always make me dance, by myself or with others, it doesn't matter to me one bit.
the award for best view goes to austin, texas.  it the only city in our glorious state that could produce a music festival this magical.  everywhere you turn, there is something to see.  the city is beautiful, gracious, artistic, thoughtful.  
every single time.

the award for best hangover cure goes to my giant portions of fried chicken and sweet tea on day three.
i love music festivals for the same reasons my husband hates them: the crowds, the hundreds of bands, the shorter sets.  i love the energy and getting to see bands i would never pay the full ticket price to go see if they were playing here in dallas.  and nothing, i mean nothing, quite compares to dancing around in the heat, rain, or mud with some of your very best friends.  i cannot wait until next time.


  1. FUN!!! Is that a real tattoo on your back? Beautiful! i was waiting for this post. love the ACL awards, you are awesome.

  2. Yay! Love you - and it was an awesome weekend :)