cold front

a cold front has blown into town, turning our highs of 107 degrees into highs of 87 degrees.  
it has been glorious.
 my baby finally knows what it is like to be outside.  bless his heart, since his birth he has baked in his carrier or bjorn anytime we left the house.
but we are happy now.  see?
 ruby is happy.
daddy is happy.
 ben is happy.
 munchkin is happy.
 which means that momma is happy, too.
 however, i feel a bit guilty.  while this cold front seems like a gift from god,
i cannot forget that our state is on fire.  this glorious cold front is what prevented texas from receiving any residual rain from tropical storm lee. my heart breaks for the hundreds of texans whose homes are now nothing more than smoldering ashes.

i would gladly give back my cold front.

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