greatest hits

i am amazed that some of you still check in to read this blog.  it's not exactly the most interesting thing in the world, and i don't have much to offer other than a weekly account of soccer practice and temper tantrums!  but it is my life, and this is my journal, and i love you for stopping by.  please let me in on your greatest hits.  i would love to know what makes your week tick!

 1)  this baby.  oh, how i love this baby.  he is chubby and he smiles all. the. time.  i want to eat him.  and i try to daily while he is still young enough to let me.  got to love him to death before he develops that pesky free will and the ability to run away from me.
 2)  this soccer season is really shaping up.  our team has gone from crying through the entire first game to actually running in the general vicinity of the ball.  only one player has seemed to grasp the concept of kicking the ball in the net.  and let's just say that one player is not ben or his buddies below.  to them, soccer means run a while, stop for a snack, run some more, fall to the ground, run some more, take a water break, run some more, stop and wave.  they are three of a kind, that's for sure.
 {i couldn't stop laughing at the kid on the back row who insisted on standing backwards for the team picture.}
 3) same picture, different day.  i wonder how many times sitting on a patio/eating bob armstrong dip/drinking margaritas has landed in my greatest hits.  it deserves a permanent spot.
 4) i used to look forward to happy hour, now i look forward to getting my trees trimmed.  oh my, how things change. (who am i kidding?  i still look forward to hh, but my trees sure look good.)
 5) open house/picnic at ben's new school.  first off, i loved it because (wait for it) it was catered by harry's on henderson.  hot dogs and custard?  they had us at hello.  secondly, my heart swelled as benjamin gave us a tour of his classroom with such pride.  he was in his element, which is completely independent of us.  it makes me a little weepy that he is growing up so fast, yet so, so proud at the same time.

looking forward to the state fair of texas, a mystery girls night and another lazy sunday.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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