well, folks.  i knew that this day would come.  it appears as though my modeling career has really taken off.

recognize anyone?  hilarious.
(i'm ma ma model, you know what i mean... that's for you, dweeja! hahahahaha)

there is a story, i promise.  my best friend's sister is a stationery designer, and a great one at that.  she has worked her way to becoming a top designer for her company. she now has her own line of stionery called ruby june celebrates. and i, willing to do almost anything for her especially if it involves free stationery from time to time, agreed long ago to let her smack any of my pictures on her demo cards.

and a model was born.

i can't stop giggling.

anyway, this seems like the perfect opportunity to promote some of anna's talents.  y'all, order her christmas cards.  they are to die for.  see?

this was my christmas card last year.  no, not this exact one.  that baby is not my child.
this one is most definitely a contender this year.

see her holiday collection here.  and her entire collection here.

umm yeah, how cute are these notecards? and no, ben's middle name is not kyle.

seriously, it's a placemat.

this makes me want to have another baby.  just kidding.  it just makes me want to have another baby shower.

i should really talk to her about a paycheck.


  1. when the big modeling bucks start roling in, please remember us little people who helped you realize your dreams. thanks~

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the press. And thanks for donating your family's superb modeling talent.