greatest hits

sorry my blog has been super lame lately.  one day soon, i will be back to posting more than just my greatest hits.  but until then, here she is:

1) the aggies beat the hell outta texas tech (whoop!) and the rangers are cruising toward the world series (hot damn!) and we got to watch both games with friends kid-free (life is good!).  thanks mom and dad.

2) celebrating our wins and the glorious rainfall with our boys over brunch at horne and dekker.  yum.

 3) decorating for halloween.  holla.
 4) an "adventure" walk with ben, crosby, and his mick jagger lips.
 5) lunch outside.
i have no choice but to be in a good mood with this weather.

looking forward to: the state fair tonight, a momma/son weekend, and possibly hanging out with some old friends.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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