greatest hits

happy october!  so far it has been my favorite month of the year and it is only day six.  this is how my month started.

1) the state fair of texas.  we went twice in one weekend.  double your pleasure, double your fun.
 2) ben's #1 fan.  this was crosby's get-up for ben's soccer game.  all teams represented lost that day, so he is never allowed to wear those garments again. 
 3) MYSTERY GIRLS NIGHT!!!!  my precious friend jenn had a helluva first trimester, complete with around-the-clock nausea.  so once the end of her first trimester was well behind her, she planned a night for us girls to get together and celebrate her being able to leave the house without wanting to vomit each other.  it began with a picnic at turtle creek with wine and cheese,

 followed by a fancier-than-normal dinner at neighborhood services tavern,

 and ended over cold beers and good conversation on my patio.

3) another brunch at the libertine bar.  the waitress knows us well enough to bring ben a plate of oranges as an "appetizer".
 4) back to gymnastics.  success.

looking forward to: a garage sale, watching the aggies with friends, and hiding out from texas/ou weekend.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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