one fine day

my mawmaw passed away.  it has been a long, emotional, difficult week for all of us.  i will write more about it, about her, soon.  but i am not quite ready yet.

and while there has been immense sadness this week, there have also been moments of laughter, love and happiness.  life just keeps on keeping on.

chris pointed out to me that despite the grief, this weekend has been chock-full of some of my favorite things.  a paul simon concert.  neighborhood carnival.  good 2 go tacos.  a haircut.  a margarita at matt's.  and then there was the icing on the cake: today.  breakfast with family.  farmers market.  a day downtown with my boys.  free museum admission.  food trucks.  a little art appreciation.

life is sad sometimes, but it is still so, so good.

 crosby loves pawpaw.
 farmers market.
 arts district.
 baby's first picasso.
 art appreciation.

 family portrait.
 fried spaghetti and meat-sauce.  yep, you heard that right.

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  1. love you sweet friend. and i am so sorry for your loss. Those pictures of your sweet Ben are so adorable. lots of love to you and your family. xoxo