made my day

this morning i was running late and my road rage was, well, raging.  until i heard this song.  and lucky for me, i happen to sing just like aretha franklin when i am by myself in my car.  it was a mood changer, for sure.
 too bad my sister was out of the office this afternoon, or she would've learned that i can also sing exactly like robert smith.  especially when i am by myself in my office.  thank you, dear friend pandora.  you were especially good today.
i learned some good news and can't seem to make this smile go away.  
i hope you are having a good day, too.

p.s. who is your voice twin?


  1. Well, there are just so many that it is almost embarrassing. Tops of course are Natalie Maines and Celine. Glad you heard some good news and have a smile on your face :)

  2. Norah Jones and Gloria Gaynor, fo sho!