greatest hits

this week was huge, y'all.  big things happened.  take a look:

1) biggie smalls started to roll.  he's awfully proud of himself.
 2) we had a playdate of epic proportions.  my dear friend and her sister (also a dear friend) were visiting texas from oregon and stopped by for a visit.  the kicker is, we haven't seen each other or even spoken a word to each other since i was probably SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.  the small world of facebook and blogging have reconnected us.  and even though we haven't seen each other in a million and a half years, i feel closer to them now than i ever have.  it's a magical thing. (i could talk about this forever, but i'll make myself stop here.  shame on me for not taking any other pictures to document this momentous occasion.)
 3) another playdate (man, we were on fire!) with the one-and-only-love-of-ben's-life, maggie rose. 

 4) remember when i mentioned that our little pocket of town is getting cooler?  as in more awesome?  here is the proof.  goodfriend beer garden and burger house opened just minutes from my house and i could not be more excited (or hungry. or thirsty.)  i met some goodfriends up there to check it out, and yep, the beer is tasty and cold.  super pumped.

 5) dinner at the fair with friends.  we sampled corny dogs,
 twirled a bit,
 said 'what's up' to big tex,
 and rode some rides.

it's officially the last week of the fair.  i see a farewell trip in the very near future.

looking forward to: a soccer game, a pumpkin patch and the watching the world series.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. oh, i've been beating myself up for not taking better pictures when we were together! not a single shot of the three of us girls together!! it was one of the highlights of our whole trip to see you and your boys and experience that rare but so, so special reconnection as if no time has passed at all.thanks for hosting us and give those boys a big kiss from me! love, m