laughter is the best medicine

                                   Source: joelfelix.com via Cortney on Pinterest

i spent all morning watching television, crying my eyes out.  we all know why today is sad.  and if you are anything like me, you are wanting to get your mind off of all the sadness just so your brain can rest for a bit.  

i happen to have the perfect remedy for sad brain.

go read this.  especially if you live with or have ever intimately known a two-year-old (if neither of these apply to you, read it anyway.)  it is hilarious and so, so true.


  1. Oh girl, another friend posted a link to that list too! I had to cover my mouth while reading it so I wouldn't wake the whole house. Hilarious!

  2. did you read some of his other posts? day 247 is hilarious, and oh so true!

  3. Ok, that was awesomesauce. #22 = funniest thing I may have ever read. Thanks for sharing!