greatest hits

*thanks, friends for your sweet comments about my mommy struggles.  life is good!  just a little difficult around naptime sometimes.  and speaking of naptime, let us have a moment of silence for it's passing.  naptime is no longer with us here on bondstone and i am in mourning.  

on to this week's best:

1) dallas' first ever food truck festival.  it all smelled and looked wonderful, but considering it was a million degrees outside, we had the kids and the lines were insanely long, we hightailed it out of there to grab some sushi.  but we were impressed and look forward to the next one.

 2) whatchu lookin' at, lion?
 3) family dinner at nan's.  happy fortieth birthday to my uncle jason.  i swear, wasn't he just 24?
 4)  this is what happened right after i said, "look at the camera, boys!"  i think they may be hard of hearing.  but they sure did have fun burying their soccer balls at the first "practice" of the season.  that's how you play soccer, right?
 5) ben's new teacher came for a home visit to meet the big man on campus before school starts.  it was awesome.  he introduced her to all of his trains and told her how to spell his name.  brown-noser.
6) marcy got a job!!!!!  wahoooooo!!!  happy hour ensued.

looking forward to: catching up with friends at a couples shower, a haircut, and the aggies beating the hell outta smu.  whoop!

how was your week? 
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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