greatest hits

it's been a big week here on bondstone.  lots of firsts.  the weather is changing, and so is our routine.  and man, it feels good.

1) miniature drumsticks have to be healthier than a bowl of ice cream, am i right?
 2) first aggie game of the season.  we btho smu. whoop!
 (it must've had something to do with our lucky shirts.)

 3) getting to see friends whom we haven't seen in forever.  we ended up with a sickly baby that cut our visit short, but it was a good visit nonetheless.  let's do it again soon, jules!

4) family dinner at mom and dad's.
 5) a perfect windows-open-picnic-on-the-deck kind of day.
 6) a first day at a new school.
 7) soccer "practice" in the backyard.
 8) while we are sad our friends are moving out-of-state, we are so happy they thought of us before getting rid of their playset.

 9) care packages all the way from minnesota.
10) redeeming a giftcard for a massage of the pinching-pulling-contorting-elbow-in-the-back variety.  man, it hurt so good.

11) sunday brunch at the libertine bar with to-die-for eggs benedict and a bloody mary that would have led to a long day of patio day-drinking in my former life.

12) my mom for making work, school meetings, massages, etc. possible for little ol' me.

i am looking forward to car-shopping(!!!), a first soccer game, and hanging out with the browns.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. This is just the happiest thing I've read in ages. Oh, former life, why do you taunt me? I'm so happy to see Ben so happy and can't wait to hold that little Crosby. We'll be in touch soon to make plans for October. lv, S

  2. Due to my computer breaking and such..I am finally back to a religious follower....SO DID I WIN THE PILLOW???!!!!