greatest hits (back on track)

after this week's greatest hits, i am once again back to doing the bulk of my blogging on my day off. (which makes this routine-loving lady feel much better).  i hope everyone has had a good week.  mine was nothing to complain about.

reasons i am happy this week:

1) this ponytail.  i feel perky just looking at it.
 2) my order from this etsy shop arrived and it's oh-so beautiful.
 3) these new pillows my mom made for us.  next up, new curtains.
 4) a three-year old's birthday party at a fire station.  icing on the cake: they got a call while we were there and zoomed off with lights flashing and sirens blaring.
 5) quality time between ben and his great-grandfather.
 6) making art. 
(he's "tracing" his foot, in case you are wondering)
 7) good 2 go taco reopened less than three minutes from our house.  i won't even tell you how many times we have eaten there since they opened last friday.  let's just say the number falls between 2 and 5.  it's just so good.
{image via this awesome dallas foodie blog i just discovered while looking for this image}

8) 40% all sale items at the gap. all of this for $30.

9) lunch with dad, chris and big ben at my favorite restaurant.  mmmmmmmm, shrimp salad.

until next time,

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