i know these people, for real

o.k., so that's not entirely true, but it sure is funny.  don't get in between me, my morning coffee, and my pretend internet friends before ben wakes up for the day, just sayin'.

i actually have a few internet friends that i know in real life.  (real life?!?!?!)  i devoutly read my friend julie's blog and my sister-in-law karin's blog so i can keep up with everything that is going on in their kiddos lives.  this is especially important considering we live far away from our incredibly adorable, rapidly growing nieces and nephew. these two moms are extremely talented in journaling the development of their achingly cute kids online for my voyeuristic pleasure.  keep up the good work, girls.

then there are these three: chelsey, marli and miyan.  they are young, beautiful, smart, ambitious, fun (i know this from experience), and not yet mommies.  they blog about what inspires them: yoga, their careers, travel, fashion.  i stalk their blogs, and you should, too.  reading them will make you instantly cooler.

this is my sister chelsey.  she is one of the coolest kids i know, and i have known her a loooooong time.   she takes such pride in her career, which is so evident in her blog. and isn't she pretty?

meet chelsey's friend, marli.  her 'dear future husband' posts are not to be missed.  and i always look forward to see what is on her running playlist.  she loves texas country AND lil wayne.  gotta love that.

meet miyan (another friend of my sister's).  several years ago she packed up and moved across the world.  she blogs about her new country, her new man, food and fashion.  and she has the best hair in blogland.  you'll see.

try reading these while enjoying your morning coffee.  and know that i'll be doing the same.


  1. cort! you are too sweet. thanks for sharing my little blog.

  2. sister! thanks so much for the kind words! i just love you and your blog!
    you are the bees knees!