nursery ideas

i love to decorate.  we have filled every inch of our small(ish) house with things that reflect who we are.  we are at the point where we have to carefully select something to get rid of if we want to add anything new to our home.  and by get rid of, i mean shove into our garage.  it's rare that i get the opportunity to decorate an entire space from scratch.  but we are having a baby!!!!   which means he needs a cute room to call his own.  don't think i haven't been thinking about this since before i was pregnant.  we currently have a crib, a dresser, and a rug.  the rest is a blank slate.  woot!

here are some ideas i have swimming around in this crazy brain of mine:
{click on each caption for product info}
a wall of shelves filled with baskets full of toys and books.
this fabric for curtains and/or crib skirt.
some (or all) of these prints clustered together.
please go check out these photographs.  i want them all.
i cannot get enough of this entire series.

i see a trip to ikea in my near future (aka after payday)

to be continued....


  1. we had shelves like this growing up (now they are filled with my mom's crafty stuff) and they were awesome. always enough room to hold everything but didn't take up a ton of space. bet you can't guess where they came from.
    love the prints and fabric too. so much fun to come!(and if you need a partner for ikea, you know i am always game)

  2. yeah, you can't go wrong with those shelves. You'll/He'll be able to use them forever! I'm loving the eyechart print and I may just have to get one for myself!

  3. We have those IKEA shelves in white in Chloe's room. Let me tell you how fabulous it is to have cubbies for all of her stuff! I bought some cute baskets for some of the holes and books and toys occupy the rest. Can't say enough about what a life saver those are! Looks like the nursery is going to be just as fab as the rest of your house!

  4. P.S. can you come decorate my entire house?