greatest hits- new years edition

this is what 2011 has looked like thus far:

1) our annual new year's eve eve celebration at bass hall with robert earl keen.  each year we buy better seats and this year we ended up on the 6th row.  this is not his typical beer-drinkin', foot-stompin', kickin' and twirlin' kind of show.  each year his encore consists of an acoustic cover of this billy joe shaver song played beautifully by his band in a traditional blue-grass formation.  here is a boot-leg clip of this years encore that i was lucky enough to find on youtube.
2) a growing baby bump.  pardon the gym clothes.  (btw, the belly has grown substantially since this picture was taken).
3) dress-up.  cuteness.
4) new years eve in.  since ben, we have traded the over-priced drinks, sparkly outfits and cab rides home for a home-cooked dinner, wine (but not this year) and a movie on the couch.  spaghetti carbonara (this incredibly easy and super indulgent recipe found here.  please make this pasta, you will thank me).  this year we spiced things up by making smores in our new fire pit, and then watching crazy heart.  happy new year, indeed.

5) a tiny aggie came over to cheer on our boys against lsu.  it didn't work, but the snuggles made up for the loss.
6) celebrating marcy's birthday over brunch at the all good cafe.  more pancakes.
7) SNOW!!!
now that the holidays are over, hopefully my greatest hits will jump right back on track.  i hope 2011 is all you imagine it will be and more.  thanks for being here.

until next time,

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