greatest hits

1) a trip to the bounce-house with ben and his best girls.

his crush on this spunky, gun-toting toddler is still fully intact.
although his affections often lean toward this younger, tow-headed stunner.
i must say, ben has impeccable taste in women.  much like his father :)

2) walking in on ben doing his business while reading the latest rolling stone.  once again, just like his father.
 3) a trip to the heard nature museum in mckinney to walk amongst dinosaurs (ben's fantasy).
 posing, again.  thanks for being a sport, big guy.

4) delicious family dinner for kristie's birthday, then date night to see true grit.  it lives up to the hype, go see it.

5) a marathon trip to ikea.  found curtain fabric for nursery=success.  cubby bookshelves=fail.  sold out.

6) virus from hell.  ben getting sick is not one of my greatest hits, but as you know, illness is the only way we can cuddle around here without the use of force/bribery/bartering.
we are on day 3 of camp coughs-a-lot.  ben is feeling much better, but i couldn't bear to send him to school with a cough that still sounds like a large dying animal.  i don't know how much more dora/curious george/sesame street/mary poppins we can stand around here.  might be time to get out of the house.

until next time,

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