i am so tired...

{preface: my child is siiiiiick.  so sick that he couldn't sleep last night due to a fever that refused to break.  good news: it's not the flu.  bad news: he is miserable.  it is so pitiful that it will break your heart right in two.}

i am so tired that:

  • the idea of taking a nap is laughable because it wouldn't be enough.
  • i am tempted to google if children can die of a high fever resulting from one parent's inability to get him to swallow a fever-reducer.
  • i bawled like a baby because ben refused to swallow the only medicine that can potentially break his fever.   for a split second we were both crying on the bathroom floor like two fever-ridden toddlers.  except that i have no fever.  and i am thirty-one.  not my finest moment.
  • i then remembered that his daddy magically talked him into swallowing his medicine this morning.
  • i cried even more, convinced that chris is obviously the better parent.  i tend to think this regularly.  he's that good.
  • i called him as if he could magically make ben take his medicine over the phone from the office.
  • i laughed when i remembered the compliment chris gave me last night when he said that i have been an "easy" pregnant lady. meaning fewer hormonal, crazy, crying fits than last time.  i wonder if my phone calls today have changed his mind. {love you, babe}
  • i am praying that oprah is good today.  because if i'm not napping, oprah better be good.
  • i feel like a schmuck for whining when i remember that my sister-in-law recently battled the stomach flu simultaneously with her husband and three children all while being snowed in for an entire week.
  • i am tempted to fly away to mexico.  and this time, ben can tag along.  the sun and ocean will do his body good.  and i am sure the margaritas will help me take a nap.  oh wait---i'm pregnant.  nevermind.
  • i wish norah jones was my very best friend, so that i could call her up and explain the kind of day we've had.  being the good friend that she is, she would jump in her car, excited by an opportunity to help her friend, drive way too fast over to my house and sing ben and i to sleep with a beautiful lullaby.  hours later we would wake up well and rested.  oh, and while we were sleeping, she would have made dinner for my family and left it in the oven to stay warm.  she is sweet like that.  which is why we are best friends, obviously.
  • there it is (as promised), the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • the end.


  1. UGGH!! SOO sorry! Maybe it'll be better tomorrow...fevers are funny like that! You are a great mom, an awesome pregnant lady, and definitely NOT a shmuck! Having a sick kid stinks. always. regardless of the situation. Give him a kiss from Aunt Karin (and then go swish some Listerine!)

  2. oh cort...you make me smile :) i'm so sorry ben is sick and it is just terrible when they are not feeling good - it is like you are sick as well :( you are a fabulous mom & wife and all 3 of your boys are soooo lucky to have you! try and get some rest when chris is home and try bribing...bribing seems to work too :)