one fine day

my mawmaw passed away.  it has been a long, emotional, difficult week for all of us.  i will write more about it, about her, soon.  but i am not quite ready yet.

and while there has been immense sadness this week, there have also been moments of laughter, love and happiness.  life just keeps on keeping on.

chris pointed out to me that despite the grief, this weekend has been chock-full of some of my favorite things.  a paul simon concert.  neighborhood carnival.  good 2 go tacos.  a haircut.  a margarita at matt's.  and then there was the icing on the cake: today.  breakfast with family.  farmers market.  a day downtown with my boys.  free museum admission.  food trucks.  a little art appreciation.

life is sad sometimes, but it is still so, so good.

 crosby loves pawpaw.
 farmers market.
 arts district.
 baby's first picasso.
 art appreciation.

 family portrait.
 fried spaghetti and meat-sauce.  yep, you heard that right.


i would rather...

i never knew that running through an art museum was on my bucket list until i saw this image.  would that be fun to anyone else, or just me?

Source: None via Cortney on Pinterest

doesn't this look a lot better than typing invoices?

alrighty, back to work.


commercials make me cry

raising these boys of ours is going to be smelly and loud, but oh-so-fun.


greatest hits

this week was huge, y'all.  big things happened.  take a look:

1) biggie smalls started to roll.  he's awfully proud of himself.
 2) we had a playdate of epic proportions.  my dear friend and her sister (also a dear friend) were visiting texas from oregon and stopped by for a visit.  the kicker is, we haven't seen each other or even spoken a word to each other since i was probably SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.  the small world of facebook and blogging have reconnected us.  and even though we haven't seen each other in a million and a half years, i feel closer to them now than i ever have.  it's a magical thing. (i could talk about this forever, but i'll make myself stop here.  shame on me for not taking any other pictures to document this momentous occasion.)
 3) another playdate (man, we were on fire!) with the one-and-only-love-of-ben's-life, maggie rose. 

 4) remember when i mentioned that our little pocket of town is getting cooler?  as in more awesome?  here is the proof.  goodfriend beer garden and burger house opened just minutes from my house and i could not be more excited (or hungry. or thirsty.)  i met some goodfriends up there to check it out, and yep, the beer is tasty and cold.  super pumped.

 5) dinner at the fair with friends.  we sampled corny dogs,
 twirled a bit,
 said 'what's up' to big tex,
 and rode some rides.

it's officially the last week of the fair.  i see a farewell trip in the very near future.

looking forward to: a soccer game, a pumpkin patch and the watching the world series.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


made my day

this morning i was running late and my road rage was, well, raging.  until i heard this song.  and lucky for me, i happen to sing just like aretha franklin when i am by myself in my car.  it was a mood changer, for sure.
 too bad my sister was out of the office this afternoon, or she would've learned that i can also sing exactly like robert smith.  especially when i am by myself in my office.  thank you, dear friend pandora.  you were especially good today.
i learned some good news and can't seem to make this smile go away.  
i hope you are having a good day, too.

p.s. who is your voice twin?


go forth

i have a special gift for making things more complicated than necessary.  i've been that way since birth.  and if i am not careful, my mind can take over and make me feel completely nutso.

when i feel overwhelmed and need to clear my mind, i imagine a wave lapping to shore and washing it clean.  is that silly?  whatever works, right?  finding this image today made my brain slow it's roll.  i think it's lovely.

what do you do to clear your mind?


greatest hits

sorry my blog has been super lame lately.  one day soon, i will be back to posting more than just my greatest hits.  but until then, here she is:

1) the aggies beat the hell outta texas tech (whoop!) and the rangers are cruising toward the world series (hot damn!) and we got to watch both games with friends kid-free (life is good!).  thanks mom and dad.

2) celebrating our wins and the glorious rainfall with our boys over brunch at horne and dekker.  yum.

 3) decorating for halloween.  holla.
 4) an "adventure" walk with ben, crosby, and his mick jagger lips.
 5) lunch outside.
i have no choice but to be in a good mood with this weather.

looking forward to: the state fair tonight, a momma/son weekend, and possibly hanging out with some old friends.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


greatest hits

happy october!  so far it has been my favorite month of the year and it is only day six.  this is how my month started.

1) the state fair of texas.  we went twice in one weekend.  double your pleasure, double your fun.
 2) ben's #1 fan.  this was crosby's get-up for ben's soccer game.  all teams represented lost that day, so he is never allowed to wear those garments again. 
 3) MYSTERY GIRLS NIGHT!!!!  my precious friend jenn had a helluva first trimester, complete with around-the-clock nausea.  so once the end of her first trimester was well behind her, she planned a night for us girls to get together and celebrate her being able to leave the house without wanting to vomit each other.  it began with a picnic at turtle creek with wine and cheese,

 followed by a fancier-than-normal dinner at neighborhood services tavern,

 and ended over cold beers and good conversation on my patio.

3) another brunch at the libertine bar.  the waitress knows us well enough to bring ben a plate of oranges as an "appetizer".
 4) back to gymnastics.  success.

looking forward to: a garage sale, watching the aggies with friends, and hiding out from texas/ou weekend.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,