a couple of favors

1) fact: i was a teacher for years. after ben was born, i was lucky enough to have a principal that kept me employed part-time (almost unheard of in my profession). 
fact: my family has a business that employs the majority of us. last year, due to the growth of the business (and the family), i left the classroom for a different part-time gig helping out my sister. 
fact: my little sister runs the office. she is really good at what she does. she is also really pregnant. she has done her best to prepare me for her departure, but here we are, two days into her maternity leave and i am in the weeds, y'all. used to working with kids, i am a smidge out of my element in the world of excel documents and quickbooks.  i get frustrated a lot.  and when i get frustrated, i cry.  it's not cute.
favor: due to the impending arrival of my precious niece, my work schedule has changed.  my greatest hits will more than likely move to fridays, i think.  so hang with me, friends.  and pray that i get better at my job.  fast.  because things, they are a-changin'.

2) fact: my precious niece, previously mentioned, is scheduled to arrive into this world on monday afternoon.
favor: if you can, please send my sister, her husband and baby addy some good vibrations, happy thoughts, prayers, etc. on monday.  we are all beside ourselves with excitement to meet our little angel.



  1. You will do great once you get used to it. Just remember to breath (and let me take you or beers when needed :))
    Addy and mommy will have lots of prayers and positivity coming their way on Monday!

  2. It will get easier, I promise. It's not as bad as it seems now. I can not thank you enough for being willing to take on the challenge of learning something new, and for helping me out in such a big way. Believe me I understand the feeling of being "thrown" into it. Just take one day at a time.
    Thanks too for requesting good vibes on our behalf. I can't wait to meet addy! Shes got a pretty kickass aunt to meet as well. I love you!

  3. Congrats to you and Chelsey! How exciting, MONDAY!!! I will grant you this favor even though, i checked your blog today to read your Greatest Hits of the week!! Kidding! Friday is totally acceptable, and you will kick ass at your new job! Sending good/ happy thoughts to welcome baby into the world. xoxo

  4. Congrats on that beautiful new niece! You're gonna do just fine...crying is great stress relief...and I'm here if you need any Excel help....nerd that I am.