greatest hits

i have named this week's greatest hits, baby week.  i have had the pleasure of meeting two very precious young men, one 8 weeks old and the other 2 days old.  there is nothing better than sniffing a baby (unless the baby is wearing a full diaper like the ungodly one i just took off of my precious boy.  omg.)
 here are the things that have made my week memorable:

1) finn is here.  and isn't he perfect?
2) mornings with these boys.
3) my rose-of-sharon exploded. 
 4) ben's school carnival.  i love a carnival committee that rewards me for volunteering my time with a couple of cold beers.  just one of the billion reasons i love the children's center.

 5) i finally got to meet craig craig luke ryan.  it took everything in me to keep from nibbling on him (i have a problem with wanting to just eat. babies. up.), so i settled on repeatedly kissing that sweet head.
 6) this precious almost-one-year-old, ear-infected baby.  sometimes i look at him and wonder if he was switched at birth.  is this happy green-eyed, tow-headed baby boy really mine?

looking forward to my five mile race 
(hello?  cortney, is that you???)
my baby's first birthday.
actually both of those things make me want to cry.  hmph.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Five miles! You're a stud....good luck! Beautiful baby pictures, all of them. Thanks for sharing!